North Korea had crossed during this year the ‘Battle of 150 days’. It is based on the mobilization of all the efforts, through a political campaign to bring back to consciousness to the Korean workers of the importance of the economic construction in this phase of the Revolution. One of the axis on which this campaign was concentrated, was the construction of houses. Some of the results already are visible. The past day 21 of October, Kim Jong Il visited the finished works of the district of Mansudae, where is reconstructed around 50% of its buildings. The construction of house is, in Korea, effort from planned economy and not result of speculation, like the last one that ahs affected the Spain for 10 years. The houses are given to the families free of charge. Kim Jong Il explained that the plan for the next years will mean the delivery of new houses for 100,000 families in Pyongyang. The new houses of Mansudae are the model to follow for the construction of houses in the next years. The houses are models, that will be reproduced in different cities of the country. The health centers are distributed efficiently; educative centers; cultural zones, of leisure and sport; green zones; state stores; supply centers and other services. The tasks continue and, after the success of productive Battle of the 150 days, the new Battle of 100 days has begun. Altogether, 250 days dedicated to the economic construction of the socialism in Korea.

Juan Nogueira
Communications Secretary
KFA Spain










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