Kim Jong Il: Son of Mt. Paektu

Kim Jong Il: Son of Mt. Paektu   


Blessing of Heaven


Kim Jong Il was born on Mt. Paektu, a base of the anti-Japanese armed struggle his father Kim Il Sung organized and led against the Japanese military occupation. That was February 16, 1942.

According to the analysis meteorologists made of the weather survey of 100 years in the Mt. Paektu area, the weather of that day was quite mysterious as if was a wonder of the heaven.

According to the survey, the temperature was around 40 degrees below zero and a violent snowstorm blew in mid-February every year in the area of Mt. Paektu situated in the highest region in Korea.

February 15 of that year was no exception.

However, northwest wind gradually weakened at night and became gentle at dawn the next day. And the temperature rose from 29℃ below zero to 18℃ below zero, an unprecedented warm weather.

The sun shone brightly and the air was fresh, a phenomenon rare in the area.

It looked as if the heaven was blessing the birth of Kim Jong Il.


42 and Mt. Paektu


Mt. Paektu is located at 42 North Latitude.

The figure coincides with the year 42 of the 20th century, when Kim Jong Il was born.

The mountain has too significant facts to say they are coincidental.

From time immemorial the mountain, which rises 2 750 meters with snow on its summit all the year around and is the highest mountain in Korea, has been regarded as the sacred mountain of the Korean nation. In the days when he was born, the Headquarters of the Korean revolutionary People’s Army commanded by Kim Il Sung, who was waging armed struggle to liberate Korea from the Japanese military occupation (1905-1945), was situated on the mountain.

Kim Jong Il grew up listening to the gunshots of the anti-Japanese war as a lullaby. The image of he first became acquainted with was that of his mother in military uniform, and his childhood friends were guerillas tempered in battles. For him the rugged Mt. Paektu was the garden of his native home.

A saying has it that a man resembles his native place, and Kim Jong Il resembles Mt. Paektu. The mountain, which draws people’s fascination for its majestic appearance-an enormous lake on the summit and a chain of high peaks-and mysterious natural phenomena, serves as a symbol of traits and mettle of Kim Jong Il, who possesses a far-reaching ambition, outstanding wisdom, firm courage, strong will, great magnanimity and perfect leadership.


Mt. Paektu Knows its Master


It happened when Kim Jong Il climbed on Mt. Paektu.

That day it was quite dismal. It was difficult to open eyes because of the whirling blizzard, and the raging wind suddenly drove snowdrift blocking the way.

His entourage dissuaded him, saying that it was difficult to ascend the mountain and to enjoy the fine view on Mt. Paektu even if they reached the summit on such a day.

However, he made his way in the van, saying that the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters had traversed such paths in the past, and that this was a real expedition to Mt. Paektu.

Finally, his entourage reached the summit of the mountain.

With arms akimbo, he looked at the blinding snowstorm.

At that moment, there was a sudden thunderous sound as if the ice was breaking on Lake Chon, and the furious blizzard stopped blowing. The clouds, which were floating at the ridge, gradually moved to one side, the sun shone and a majestic snowscape was presented; the ridges of the mountain covered with snow were glimmering.

Impressed by the mystery, the entourage exclaimed. With a smile on his face, he said it seemed that Mt. Paektu knew its master.


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