Comrade KIM IL SUNG and the world

15th of April, the world people will greet 100th birthday of comrade  Kim Il Sung, the outstanding leader of Korean people and world progressive people.  His idea and leadership made the Korean people to reach the high stage in the development of human civilization and taught the mankind the realistic proposal in emancipation from colonialism and capitalism, social equality and leading abundant life materially and morally.

The Juche idea that emancipated the Korean people from their colonial oppression, is the most unique and scientific leading idea in the modern times. The vitality and justness of the Juche idea was completely testified in the period of colonial national liberation and socialist construction struggle that was done under the leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.

The Juche idea, as the idea that deepened and developed Marxist-Leninist according to the background of the time and situation of Korean revolution, and if every nations implemented the idea in their revolution, they could get rid of oppression from imperialism according to their situation and walk to the road of independent socialist development.

At the present day that the capitalism is turning to imperialism, the mankind enters the most dangerous stage in their development in a swirl of the word “Globalization”.    At this point, the Juche idea light ups the way to achieve external and internal stability and the development of science and society having conviction about future by ending up the exploitation of mankind.

The Korean people, relying on the Juche idea which was created and developed by the comrade Kim Il Sung, could build socialist powerful and prosperous nation and wage a struggle for independent reunification of the nation. The ideological foundation of the Korean’s Songun policy, that defends the socialist from all kinds of imperialist destruction maneuvers, is also lays in the Juche idea.

Today, the Juche idea gives the conviction to the world progressive people that they could liberate the world from the capitalist domination under the ideology of socialist and peace.

The greatness of the comrade Kim Il Sung is that he created the Juche idea, the most scientific socialist idea. The Juche idea is the most precious asset of the whole world that shows the bright way to achieve socialist and peace by defeating the capitalist.

The Juche idea is the ideological weapon that is needed in the emancipation of the mankind from exploitation and oppression and in the struggle to achieve peace and prosperity of the whole world, with the Songun policy.

Today, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Juche motherland and Songun motherland, is in the van of anti-imperialist struggle of the world and will surely achieve the victory of the world against imperialist under the support and solidarity of anti-imperialist countries.

This is what the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung performed the feats to the mankind and the sun he gave to the Korean people will brighten the future of the whole world.


L. Shkolnikov

Secretary of central committee of Belorussia worker’s party,

Belorussia – DPRK National Friendship Association named after KIM IL SUNG

Outstanding Leader of the world revolution

When we look back on the past 20th century, it is the greatest fortune for the world progressives to hold President Kim Il Sung in high esteem.

President Kim Il Sung opened up a new era of independence and led the humankind along the road of independence and justice, going beyond the bounds of a single country and nation. Even when the “God,” whom the humankind has believed in as their mental support for long years, failed to save the world, President

Kim Il Sung emerged as savior on this planet with his idea of genuine independence and great leadership.

It is quite natural today for people to keep in their hearts President Kim Il Sung who embraced the world in his warm heart and led the humankind along the road of independence as a veteran statesman recognized on the international arena and as outstanding leader of the world revolution.

In his early years, President Kim Il Sung believed that the struggle of the popular masses to achieve independence assumes not only national character but also international character. He accordingly set it as his utmost task he could do for the progressive humankind to realize the global independence and devoted himself for its implementation, while dedicating his life to the national independence and social emancipation of the Korean people.

Both Marx and Lenin were great leaders who made great historical contribution to realize the cause of the world revolution. The scopes of their leadership for class and national emancipation, however, were largely limited to the developed capitalist countries of Europe and included some part of Asia. The historic tasks to put forward scientific theories and strategy and tactics to build a new world of independence covering the whole parts of the earth and arouse billion of people to accomplish the anti-imperialist, independent cause were fulfilled brilliantly by President Kim Il Sung.

He always kept in his mind the world revolution while leading the Korean revolution. His ideas, theories and strategy and tactics were, therefore, of weighty significance also in pushing forward the world revolution.

The immortal Juche idea founded by President Kim Il Sung brightly lighted the way of independence for humankind world over. He ushered in the new era of independence to enable hundreds of millions of historically abandoned popular masses to emerge as masters of the world and develop into strong forces to transform and change the world. He took the lead in the van of the struggle for the victory of the world revolution and gave scientific solutions to all the theoretical and practical issues arising in realizing the cause of independence of humankind and devoted his tireless efforts for it.

President Kim Il Sung made clear-cut formulation of superb strategy and tactics as regards the anti-imperialist struggle and led the struggle to successfully implement them, which is one of his immortal exploits performed in the history of world revolution. In view of the international situation that the US imperialists emerged as major obstructive forces in realizing the global independence, he put forward correct main strategy for world revolution and provided powerful weapon to implement them, thus ensuring that the independent cause of humankind advance forward vigorously on the right track. In the grim days of adverse wind due to the frustration of socialism in some countries, he clarified the way for the progressives to push forward dynamically the movements to reconstruct socialism and ensured that they could take active part in the undertakings to reconstruct socialism.

He worked heart and soul to make sure that the non-aligned movement which emerged on the historical arena be strengthened and developed into powerful forces to realize the noble ideal of anti-imperialist independent cause. He also made immortal contribution to the establishment of new international order on a world-wide scale.

He received as many as 70,000 foreign personages in his lifetime coming ceaselessly from various parts of the earth from Asia, Africa, Latin America andEurope. His journeys to visit over 80 countries on more than 50 occasions cover over 520,000km.

Included among the foreign personages received by President Kim Il Sung were an African leader who came to Korea with independence just a few days ahead after having fought against the colonialists with arms in his hands for a long time and a head of state of an island country who visited Korea right after he dismounted from the platform of presidential inauguration wishing to have instructions from the President on the building of a new society. Included were also a leader of a newly-emerging country who hurried to Korea to seek advice on for the way out after he was driven out of power due to the reactionary military coup fabricated by the imperialists and a communist Party leader from a capitalist country who was trying to find right way of revolution while leading a refugee’s life in a foreign country for a long time.

He always received with warm feelings the foreign friends who shared same purpose in the efforts to realize the global independence and illuminated the ways of their struggle. In addition to this, he sent unreserved support for their struggle to achieve independence and spared nothing to render material and mental assistance as much as possible. President Kim Il Sung, possessed with warm-hearted personality like the sun of creation, embraced many foreign public figures and showed them his unsparing benevolence. No leader in the world is parallel to President Kim Il Sung with the noble sense of international obligation who whole-heartedly supported the struggle of the world progressives aspiring after the independence.

For this, he is remembered deep in the hearts of humankind today as “outstanding leader of humankind”, as “Sun of all people” who made distinguished contribution to realize the world independent cause of anti-imperialism.

The humankind will remember till the end of the earth the greatest fortune of having President Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the leader of world revolution in 20th century and the history will be record it on its pages with most shining golden letters.

(Mr. Swavoi Guzowski)

Chairman of the Polish Preparatory Committee for Commemorating the 100th Birth Anniversary of the Great President Kim Il Sung

          Chairman of the Central Committee of the Poland Korea Society


Leader Kim Jong Il, who glorified the Sun’s cause

At this time of celebrating the 100th Birth anniversary of H.E President Kim Il Sung in the nearest future, the world progressive people are in deep moving recollection of H.E Kim Jong Il, the great successor of the president, and who had taken unimaginable pains and dedicated himself to make this year’s Sun’s day as a significant occasion of the bright prosperity and grandeur and the greatest event of the common human kind.

When we look into the world political history, it could be found many examples of which even though predecessor’s idea and achievements were great, but his cause would not be succeeded properly and would be even destroyed and obliterated if he has no proper successor.

But in the DPRK, thanks to H.E Kim Jong Il, the president’s idea and cause are fully succeeded and developed in 100% and eternity cause of the president is brilliantly accomplished.

In DPR Korea, many important organizations where it guarantees the destiny and future of the nation and great monumental creation are named after the President’s honored name such as Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, Kim Il Sung University, Kim Il Sung Square and etc.

Furthermore, as we can find out from the terminology of “Kim Il Sung Korea” and “Kim Il Sung nation”, Korean People are combining everything in one tie with H.E President.

The statues of the President Kim Il Sung, the Tower of Juche Idea, the Arch of Triumph, the Monument to Party Foundation and the Monument to the 3 Charters for National Reunification and all the great monuments in DPRK were built by the idea and intension of H.E Kim Jong Il to convey the matchless greatness and immortal exploits of H.E president through all generations.

It can easily find the slogan as “The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung will always be with us!” everywhere in the DPRK. This is the slogan of faith deeply engraved in the hearts of Korean people by H.E Kim Jong Il, after the president had passed away.

Having the president in state in Kumsusan Palace of Sun, setting the Juche calendar and the Day of the Sun based on the birth year of the president and etc, were personally initiated and guided by H.E Kim Jong Il.

Especially, the adoption and declaration of Kim Il Sung Constitution, that defined H.E Kim Il Sung as the eternal president of DPRK, deeply impressed the people all over the world of noble morality and loyalty of H.E Kim Jong Il.

On coming March 31, we are meeting the 30th anniversary of publication of the immortal classic work of H.E Kim Jong Il “On the Juche idea”.

In this work, he systematized the immortal Juche idea created by the president Kim Il Sung in full scale, and afterwards, he constantly developed and enriched it through other works so as to brighten the Juche Idea as great guiding idea of the independent era and the acme of all the ideologies in the ideological history of the mankind.

The unique Songun policy of H.E Kim Jong Il is also the embodiment of the Songun ideology created and maintained by the president throughout the whole life of his revolutionary activities.

Without Songun policy, DPR Korea wouldn’t have guarded everything, including the state and system, left by the president Kim Il Sung at the late 20th century, when socialism was collapsed inEastern Europe and all the imperialists were concentrating the focus on the DPR Korea.

However, H.E Kim Jong Il had overcome all the difficulties and trials, and safeguarded the socialism in Korea, and opened up the road to the brilliant prosperity and grandeur

He had sparked off the flame of the industrial revolution of new century and continued his on-the-spot guidance throughout the country, arousing the people to the creation of new miracle and innovation.

Anybody can estimate the unlimited potentials and rapid development ofKoreathat DPRK is in the proud ranks of the states of manufacturing and launching the artificial satellite, and the nuclear holding state even under the worst severe conditions in the world under where others could not be survived.

To open up the gate to the great powerful nation in 2012 that marks the 100th birth  anniversary of the president Kim Il Sung, so as to make Korean people as well off as others- this was what H.E Kim Jong Il had wished, intended and decided.

On the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the president Kim Il Sung, colorful political and cultural events and celebrations will be reportedly held grandly in DPRK, reflecting the respect and praise of the world progressive people to him.

Most colorful and remarkable events of them will be the International Festival for commemorating the centenary of the birth of the great president Kim Il Sung and the world conference on the Juche idea with a large attendance of the preparatory committees for commemorating the centenary of the birth of the president        Kim Il Sung in the world, delegates from the friendship and solidarity organizations with Korean people and International Democratic Organizations, social activists and Juche idea followers.

It is a unanimous desire and aspiration of the mankind to highly praise the peerless greatness and immortal achievements of the Kim Jong Il, together with H.E president Kim Il Sung, who brought glory to the Sun’s cause.

We have shown passionately such desire and feelings in the international internet Seminar held already on the occasion of the 70th birth anniversary of H.E         Kim Jong Il.

Indeed, the ideology and cause of the president Kim Il Sung have been perfectly succeeded by H.E Kim Jong Il and the history of the Sun will continue century after century.

H.E Kim Il Sung and H.E Kim Jong Il will always be alive as the eternal Suns of the mankind in the hearts of world progressive people.


By: Mana Sapmak, KFA International Organization Secretary

DPR Korea will shine as Sun’s country forever

Last December, sorrowful news shocked the whole world, that his Excellency  Kim Jong Il, the great successor to the president Kim Il Sung, had passed away in the train, racing for constant on-the-spot guidance, and deepest condolence swept.

At that time the world progressive people were worried that it might check the progress of the president Kim Il Sung’s cause being succeeded by H.E Kim Jong Il and particularly doubted whether the Koreans had suffered such an irrevocable loss from their national mourning that they might not be able to open the gate to the great powerful state in 2012, marking the 100th birth anniversary of the president Kim Il Sung.

But when we are witnessing another great “H.E Kim Il Sung” in Korea today just with the president’s centurial birthday coming, those worries and concerns have vanished off the face of the earth.

He is none other than His Excellency Kim Jong Un, whom the world people had praised as “the revived president Kim Il Sung” at the first scene on the occasion of the WPK conference.

As time goes by, people are fully getting to know that he is the same greatest man not only in his appearance and manner but also in all aspects of idea, leadership and high morality as the president Kim Il Sung and H.E Kim Jong Il.

It could be read his firm decision and will to maintain the ideology and cause of the predecessor leaders without a change, watching him with a solemn face walking by the funeral car at the farewell ceremony to H.E Kim Jong Il.

Actually in DPRK, there have been constant declarations and resolutions early this year, marking the centurial birthday of the president Kim Il Sung, to rename the Kumsusan Memorial Palace where the president rests the Kumsusan Palace of Sun, to preserve H.E Kim Jong Il in state together, to erect his statues and to institute decorations and prizes honored with his name.

These can be thought as much as what the H.E Kim Jong Il did in order to revere the president Kim Il Sung in high esteem.

Like the president Kim Il Sung and H.E Kim Jong Il, praised as the tigers of Mt. Paektu, His Excellency Kim Jong Un has also been implementing Songun policy with matchless courage and grit.

On New Year’s Day this year, he has visited the guard tank unit famed for the heroism displayed through the Korean War period and the tradition of defending the leader with lives, as to demonstrate his will for Songun to the world.

Particularly, he has recently given continued inspections on those army units engaged in the bombardment  Yonpyong island and the Korean West Sea battle, in the tense situation escalated by south Korean war-maniac forces who insulted and disgraced the supreme leadership of the DPRK, and even  on the frontline of Panmunjon, to shock the enemies.

Having H.E Kim Jong Un, Korean people have been successfully promoting the construction of the great powerful state, without a moment’s frustration and stagnation.

Korean people have firmly decided to open the gate to the great powerful state this year, marking the centurial birthday of H.E President, by turning their sorrow from the loss of the leader Kim Jong Il into a thousand fold strength and courage and being united behind H.E Kim Jong Un.

The most remarkable will be completion of a modern street around the president         Kim Il Sung’s statue on the Mansudae hill inPyongyang, in less than 1 year.

Furthermore, major projects and programs including the Huichon power plant will also start operations, be modernized and reconstructed expecting a radical change in the economical development.

H.E Kim Jong Un has just succeeded the noble viewpoint on the people of the predecessors who regarded them as heaven.

On the way of guidance, he has tasted soybean sauce at a restaurant and felt the plain floor of a school gymnasium with his hand, and thus easily become friendly with people whoever he meets, which shows his unassuming character also inherited from the predecessors.

Watching him taking photos with soldiers and people “arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder”, the world is witnessing the spirit of Songun Korea, Juche Korea that bravely overcome all difficulties and trials by the strength of single-hearted unity of the leader, army and people.

Today H.E Kim Jong Un has attracted the world-wide interest and attention, and been commanding the world ear beyond imagination.

Though it is not long since he has appeared on the global political arena, a large number of condolatory messages have been sent from many countries, calling him the supreme leader of DPRK and now it is taken as a very matter of course.

In the mid April coming, there will be held the WPK conference again in DPRK.

The international community agrees on the point that H.E Kim Jong Un, already assumed the heavy responsibility as a supreme commander of KPA, and will soon be officially nominated to the supreme authority of the Party and state.

Some days ago, we have seen his Excellency on TV having a talk with the Chinese and Russian ambassadors to Pyongyang, who attended the celebration performance of March 8 international women’s day, and learnt that he is very talented and skillful in politics and foreign affairs despite the fact that he is young.

Now the world progressive peoples are assured of the bright future of the independent cause of mankind looking up the young leader, and it is clear that H.E Kim Jong Un will hold up the banners of independence and Songun succeeding his predecessor leaders and make an everlasting contribution to the world peace and security, to the independence cause of mankind.

Because H.E Kim Jong Un has perfectly succeeded H.E president Kim Il Sung and the H.E Kim Jong Il, they will remain eternal as the Sun of mankind and Korea will shine as the Sun’s country forever.

By: Alejandro Cao de Benos, President of the KFA

Treasury of Mt. Myohyang

Mt.Myohyang is the celebrated mountain famous for its curious, unique appearance and breath-taking scenery. It is one of the five most famous mountains in Korea. Mt. Myohyang consists of steep mountain ranges and peaks as high as 1000-1900 meters above sea level stretching north westward and south westward from the Piro Peak, the top of the mountain. Mountain ridges winding in mild curves, peaks emerging from the clouds like giant figures, cliffs and rocks—all these make up the magnificent scenery. And the thick woods of various species of plants in Mt.Myohyan gsmell sweetly, flavoring the beauty of the mountain according to the seasons. So Mt.Myohyang has been called “the mountain of curiosity, beauty and sweet smell”. Its characteristics lie not only in its outstanding natural beauty, but also in the harmonization of cultural properties with their surrounding natural landscapes.

In a deep valley of Mt.Myohyang, there is a unique Korean-style building with blue angle rafter. This gracious and magnificent modern building of Korean architectural style in good harmony with beautiful nature is the International Friendship Exhibition House, which is well known to the world. Only when you visit this magnificent exhibition, you will really visit Mt.Myohyangand know well about President Kim Il Sung, the sun of Juche.

Housed in the International Friendship Exhibition are hundreds of thousands of gifts to President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il from party and state leaders and prominent publicfigures of some 170 countries around the world. The gifts on display are classified by continents and countries. Among the gifts areworks in gold and silver and other industrial art objects, valuables, stuffed specimens of various animals, silkbanners and congratulatory messages. The gifts mirror the feelings of reverence of the world people for the two leaders of Korea. The exhibition was opened to the public in August Juche 67 (1978).

The light, temperature and humidity within the exhibition can be regulate dautomatically to preserve the valuable gifts. It is said that it would take several years to look round all rooms of the exhibition and have a look at each of these presents one by one.

The exhibition has contributed to promoting all over the world the immortal revolutionary feats and high international prestige of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and to strengthening friendship and solidarity between the Korean people and the world’speople.

The setting of the museum in the Myohyang-san mountains, near the Pohyon temple was the subject of a poem by Kim Il-sung, which he later chanted from the balcony of the International Friendship Exhibition on October 15, Juche 68 (1979):

“On the balcony I see the most
glorious scene in the world…
The Exhibition stands here,
its green eaves upturned, to exalt
The dignity of the nation,
and Piro Peak looks higher still.”

International Friendship Exhibition of Mt. Myohyang will shine forever with unchanging reverence and worship of world progressive mankind for President Kim Il Sung



Jon Arni Halldorsson

Icelandic Preparatory Committee for commemorating the 100thbirthday of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.

The Great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG deeply respected by the world people

On April 15th known as ’Day of the Sun’ to the Korean people mass celebrations will take place in Pyongyang and other cities in the DPRK. These will be colourful and vibrant. Throughout the world from Lima to Tokyo meetings,seminar and events will take place . To be in Pyongyang on the Day of the sun is simply a wonderful experience without parallel.

Why is Kim Il Sung known as the sun of Korea ? It is  because is is deeply respected and seen as the guiding light and inspiration. Comrade Kim Il Sung is deeply revered not only by the Korean people but the world people. You can see this clearly by visiting the International Friendship Exhibition in the scenic Myohang mountains in the north west of Korea. Here exhibited are some 36,000 gifts sent to the great Leader comrade Kim Il Sung by different people throughout the world,everyone from humble workers To state and party leaders has gifts exhibited there. You will see the train sent by Chairman Mao Zedong of Peoples China and the bullet proof car sent by Stalin as well gifts from the likes of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Col Qaddafi , Yasser Arafat, Sukarno and Allende. and many others. Various international revolutionary leaders have praised the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung, for example Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz former president of Cuba said he retrospect Comrade Kim Il Sung, a staunch revolutionary, outstanding leader and great man known to the world who had devoted his all to the liberation of the country, human progress and the peace and welfare of the world people till the last moments of his life since he embarked on the road of revolution in his early years.

Comrade Kim Il Sung is the father of the Korean nation,the builder of socialist Korea. During a life spanning more than 80 years he created a new history carving out the destiny of the nation and performed immortal exploits which will go down in the annals of the era of independence. Under his superb leadership, the Korean people brightened the 20th century with victory and glory. Comrade Kim Il Sung led two Severe revolutionary wars to victory becoming known as the ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist. He led two complex social revolutions and built an independent socialist country with an advanced socialist system centred upon the popular masses which is the cradle of life For the Korean people. He was a great thinker and theoretician,who was the author 10,800 different works over a period of 7 decades ,on annual average he wrote 170 works or 1 work every 2 and half days. About 24 million copies of his works have been published in 60 different languages in a total of 110 countries.

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung came from a humble but patriotic family. He was born at a straw thatched farmhouse at Mangyondae near Pyongyang. He ws not born in a palace or a mansion  or a comfortable. Comrade Kim Il Sung’s  family were very poor indeed. If you visit Mangyondae you will see the patched earthenware jar. Kim Il Sung’s father Kim Hyong Jik was A staunch Korean nationalist and president of the Korean National Association. His great grandfather Kim Ung U led the struggle to sink the US imperialist pirate ship the General Sherman which had Intruded into Korea in the 1860s. The Korea Kim Il Sung was born into was a colony of Japan. Old style nationalist leaders and factionalists failed to lead the independence movement to victory. The young Kim Il Sung picked up the baton from his father and led the struggle fro independence forming the Down With Imperialism Union, the Society For Rallying Comrades , the Korean  People’s Revolutionary Army and the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland. Korea was liberated in 1945 thanks to the leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung

His creed can be simply be described as independence, independence, and independence together with believing in and relying on the people. These principles are enshrined in the Juche idea. The DPRK always maintained independence not just against the US imperialists and Japanese imperialists but the big power chauvinists. During the difficult years when the socialist camp and

international communist movement split the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung argued for unity not division.  In practical terms Juche meant independence in politics, self -sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in defence.  Comrade Kim Il Sung built up an independent socialist country of Juche .

The DPRK has provided people with the right to work,housing is provided at a very low cost or even totally free(one could only sigh when you contrast this to the recent headline about house prices in London going up even faster).Education is also free up to all levels which include university and post graduate study. School clothes and other things for children are either free or sold at 50% of cost price. Mothers with more than 3 children can work a 6 hour day but be paid for 8 hours. The retirement age is 60 for men and 55 for women. Free medical care was introduced in 1953 and buttressed by further legalisation in 1960 and 1980 .All treatment is including medicine is free and the state even pays travelling expenses to the sanatorium!Taxation including local autonomy tax was abolished in 1974.
Such measures have not been taken in all socialist countries nor in rich countries but have been taken in the DPRK because of the profound concern of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung for the people and the belief that the country should shoulder full responsibility for the destiny and well-being of the people. President Kim Il Sung made sure that improvement of the peoples living standard was enshrined in the principles of both the WPK and DPRK.

Juche Korea became the model of socialism for the world . The Juche idea came to be studied by many people throughout the world. Well over a 1,000 Juche Idea Study Group Groups have been formed as well as an International Institute of the Juche Idea and regional institutes of the Juche Idea.   The Korean Friendship Association was set up in 2000 to defend the D P R Korea . It has thousands of members.  Comrade Kim Il Sung is thus respected by the world people, he is like the sun giving light and warmth to the oppressed peoples of the world, showing the way to an ideal society of independence. Thus the 100th anniversary of his birth is the 100 th day of the Sun to be celebrated not just in Korea but throughout the whole world.

It is the duty of all progressive people to carry forward and apply the teachings of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and defend Juche Korea,the bastion of socialism in today‘s world. The Juche revolutionary cause started by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung, which had been continued bhe great leader comrade Kim Jong Il , is now carried forward by dear respected general Kim Jong Un supreme leader of the WPK and DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army.


Dermot Hudson
Official Delegate KFA for UK

Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England

Chollima of Korea

Chollima of Korea

Visitors to the DPRK can see the Chollima statue in the central part of Pyongyang, a monument symbolizing the heroic fighting spirit of the Korean people.

Chollima is a Korean word meaning a legendary horse that runs one thousand ri a day (one ri is equal to 0.4km). It may seem to you that this horse is similar to the Pegasus (Winged Horse) from the ancient Greek myth, but Chollima has a fundamentally different meaning from it.

Chollima of Korea symbolizes rapid progress in creation and socialist construction unprecedented in history. It was in the 1950s of last century that Chollima of Korea, a synonym for rapid progress and development was born. The atrocity of destruction committed by the US imperialists during the Korean War was indeed without precedent in human history.

Byron, a great writer of theUKsaid in his long epic that it took mankind tens or hundreds of years to build a city, but it takes only dozens of minutes to destroy the city. US imperialists violently destroyed for 3 years what it would take only dozens of minutes to destroy and, at the end of the war,Koreahad been reduced to ashes in the literal meaning of the word without even a brick left intact. US imperialists dropped over 420,000 bombs overPyongyangalone to destroy the city completely and told the world that “Korea would not rise again even in 100 years.”  The appearance and economic situation of Korea after the war was quite miserable but the will of Korean people who won victory in the war against theUShardened.

Actually it was almost impossible to rise again when everything had been destroyed and reduced to zero and at that time nobody thought of leaping forward. Under such condition, it was President Kim Il Sung that brought the legendary Chollima and enabled Korean people to rise up from nothing.

Having sincerely analyzed the economic condition and situation of the country at that time, President Kim Il Sung visited Kangson Steelworks, the major steel production base of the DPRK. He told workers of the steelworks that the country would be relieved if they produced only 10,000 more tons of steel and called upon them to jointly overcome today’s difficulty by mutual trust.

In response to his call, the working class of Kangson Steelworks performed the miracle of producing 120,000 tons of steel from a blooming mill with capacity of 60,000 ton with indomitable mental power. President Kim Il Sung named their miraculous success in production Chollima speed and saw that the whole country followed their example.

So the miracle of Kangson rapidly spread throughout the country in the flame of “Chollima movement.” Kimchaek Ironworks produced 270,000 tons of pig iron from equipment with capacity of 190,000 ton. In the construction sector, one flat was assembled every 14 minutes, creating new “Pyongyang speed.”

Such surprising miracles were worked everywhere and during the period 1957-1970, DPRK achieved surprising industrial growth rate of 19.1% annually on average. Like this, by riding Chollima, Korean people healed the wounds of the war and accomplished industrialization of the country during a short time of 14 years after the war.

Chollima is, of course, a legendary thing. World people saw real Chollima before their eyes thanks to the heroic fighting spirit of Korean people who worked like phoenix relying on their own efforts, their own wisdom, trusting their leader, their party and firmly rallied around them without somebody’s aid or help.

Even today Chollima is running in the blue sky of DPRK with its wings fully extended. From the 1990s, DPRK faced serious economic difficulty due to sanction, isolation and stifling moves by the West coincident with the collapse of socialism in eastEuropeand successive natural disasters.

You can see the seriousness of the ordeal from the fact that Koreans themselves called it “arduous march,” forced march. Just like they did immediately after the Korean War, many people of the world thought DPRK would never rise again.

But even under the worst condition which would possibly have brought down anybody else, Chollima spirit of Korea did not die but became stronger and they even performed another miracle of successfully launching the first artificial earth satellite Kwangmyongsong No.1 in August 1998. And in 2009, artificial earth satellite Kwangmyongsong No.2 was launched, which was another manifestation of rapid economic development of DPRK.

Some time later, in December 2009, His Excellency Kim Jong Il came to see the working class of Kangson, the historic place where Chollima of the 20th century flied first and roused them to a drive to bring about new revolutionary upswing. Today Korean people are advancing by leaps and bounds and making innovations in all fields of socialist construction following the torch held up by the working class of Kangson. The whole country is full of joy with the establishment of production system of steel and fertilizer based on local raw materials and the production of vinalon fibre, and CNC technology has been introduced to several sectors of national economy to increase production and raise the level of product quality on a firm scientific basis.

The goal of Korean people marching on Chollima is to conquer the peak of great powerful and prosperous country.

As they already know the leaping speed and unlimited strength of Chollima, people of the world have no doubt that Korean people riding Chollima again will certainly build a great powerful and prosperous socialist nation in near future.


Anders Kristensen

Chairman of Denmark-DPR Korea Friendship Association

Member of Chairmanship of the International Preparatory Committee

 for Celebrating the Centenary of the Birth of President Kim Il Sung



by Martin Lotscher, Chairman of the Swiss Committee for the reunification of Korea, and KFA Official Delegate in Switzerland

When we celebrate in festive mood the 100th Birthday Anniversary of the great Leader President *Kim Il Sung*, we remember that he has beaten two imperialist powers in the 20th century – an extraordinary merit that no other statesman ever had. He achieved brilliant victories over Japanese and US imperialism in one generation.

Only 5 years after Korea’s liberation from the colonial rule of Japanese imperialism and 2 years after the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was founded, the Korean people had to face the aggression of US imperialism.

The US army who occupied the southern half of Korea in September 1945 and divided the country, began immediately to prepare the occupation of its northern half. Its criminal goal was the destruction of the democratic peoples power there and to encircle China and Russia from there.

On June 25, 1950 the US imperialists started their criminal and genocidal war of aggression against the young DPRK and the Korean people, instigating the Syngman Rhee’s puppet clique’s dream of the ”northward march”.

This was the beginning of the 3-year long Korean War.

The great Leader President *Kim Il Sung *said: _”The enemies are stupid, Americans mistook Koreans”_, and appealed to the whole Korean people in the north and the south to fight staunchly against the US aggressors and their stooges. He declared the Fatherland Liberation War. Under his wise, genius and energetic leadership and Juche-based military command, the Korean People’s Army (KPA) and the Korean people fought heroically against the US imperialist aggressors and the forces of their 15 satellite countries.

Under the order of the great Supreme Commander Marshal *Kim Il Sung*, the KPA checked the enemy’s advance and went over to counteroffensive without delay. With successive strikes, the KPA liberated Seoul only 3 days after the outbreak of the war and encircled and annihilated the enemy force in Taejon, completely destroyed the 24th US infantry division, who had been boasting of being “ever victorious”. In this battle, the commander of the US division was captured as prisoner of war.

In its counteroffensive, the heroic KPA liberated more than 90% of south Korea and drove the enemy forces into the Pusan area, at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula.

Under the outstanding art of command of Marshal *Kim Il Sung*, the unparalleled brilliant commander, the KPA achieved one victory after the other. It defeated the US aggressors in many heroic battles.

The coast artillery battalion of the KPA on Wolmi Island delayed the operation of the US troops to land on Inchon port for 3 days with only 4 guns and facilitated strategic retreat of the main force. The Navy of the KPA achieved a great victory unprecedented in history of naval battle of the world by sinking the enemy heavy cruiser “Baltimore” known as a “floating island”.

The US imperialists knelt down to the Korean people. The Korean people who fought for the just and sacred cause of freedom and independence of its beloved fatherland, could never be subdued by the enemy.

At the end of the Korean War, the US had no other choice than to sign the Armistice Agreement on July 27, 1953 in Panmunjom. It was the first armistice that the US signed without a victory. This was a great historic event.

The brave and freedom-loving Korean people achieved a great and glorious victory in the Fatherland Liberation War and forced the ruthless Yankee beasts to capitulate and kneel down!

During the 3-year Fatherland Liberation War, the KPA killed or captured 1’567’000 enemy troops including 405’000 US troops and seized or destroyed large amounts of military equipment.

The great Leader Marshal *Kim Il Sung* is the ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander, an outstanding military strategist and a genius unparalled in history. It was thanks to his Juche-oriented military ideas, art of command and fighting tactics that the KPA, the army of a small country, could smash and beat the “big and strong” US army and 15 imperialist satellite armies.

The peoples of the world and the whole progressive and peace-loving mankind admired the heroic Korean people for its historic victory. They looked up full of reverence and worship to the great Leader President *Kim Il Sung *who defended and assured Korea’s freedom and independence with brillant victory.

What is also a reason for the Korean people’s victory in the Fatherland Liberation War is the boundless warm love of President *Kim Il Sung* for the soldiers and the people. The single-hearted unity of the army and the people around the Leader enabled the Korean people to pull back the enemy invasion and to saveguard the nation’s independence.

Never before in humankind’s history it existed a leader like the great President *Kim Il Sung* who loved the people and considered it as God and Heaven. Following his holy and sacred life maxim _The people are my God_, the universal free medical care system was introduced during the war. This politics of virtue is unique in the world.

A country and a people with a great and men-loving Leader like His Excellency*Kim Il Sung* can never be beaten, how “mighty” the enemy may be.

The great Leader President *Kim Il Sung *is the greatest Saint of all Saints, sent by Heaven. He is the glorious liberator, saviour and benefactor of the Korean people.

Thanks to the Juche idea and the Juche-based Songun idea, created by His Excellency *Kim Il Sung*, the DPRK is invincible and is the citadel and bulwark of world socialism.

The great Leader President *Kim Il Sung* is immortal and lives forever in our hearts! His great and  glorious revolutionary work was continued by the great Leader General  *Kim Jong Il*, another ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander.

After the tragic and untimely demise of Leader *Kim Jong Il*, there is a new illustrous Supreme Commander who is exactly identical with President *Kim Il Sung* and Leader *Kim Jong Il*. It is the dear respected General *Kim Jong Un* who stands now in the van of the Korean revolution as the supreme leader of the party, the army and the state. He will continue the Juche and Songun revolution into the next generation.

Let’s celebrate as the greatest and most glorious festival of mankind

President *Kim Il Sung*’s 100th Birthday Anniversary!

Eternal Glory to the great Leader His Excellency *Kim Il Sung*!!

The great leader who devoted his life for the people

The great leader who devoted his life for the people

 (written by V. I. Yegorov

               Chairman of the Karelia-DPRK Friendship Association Preparatory Committee for Commemorating the 100th Birth Anniversary of the Great Leader comrade KIM IL SUNG,

                                    Chairman of Karelia-DPRK Friendship Association)


When President Kim Il Sung was alive, many prestigious politicians and renowned literary people respectfully asked him to write memoirs.

They believed that the life of President Kim Il Sung who has performed immortal feats in the modern world political arena would leave precious lessons to the people. They were right.

Indeed, the life of President Kim Il Sung left the truth of valuable life and struggle to the posterity.

The life of President Kim Il Sung was a valuable one as a politician, a leader and a human being. But what I found greatest of all in his life is that he believed in people as in heaven and devoted his everything for the freedom and happiness of the people.

President Kim Il Sung who was born whenKorea was ruined shared his destiny with the fatherland since he was young and dedicated his whole to the people.

In his reminiscences “With the century” President Kim Il Sung wrote to the following effect:

The principle of Juche that one should trust people as the master of revolution and construction and rely on their force is the very political belief that I worship most and this is precisely the motto of my life that enabled me devote my whole life to the people.  

President Kim Il Sung held Juche-oriented viewpoint that saw popular masses as the driving force of the history, maintained his just ideological conviction, found himself among the people and made tireless efforts for the freedom and happiness of the people.

He was born to a poor farmer’s family and started his revolutionary activities by going among the people. During the anti-Japanese armed struggle to drive out the Japanese imperialists and liberate the fatherland, taught the guerrilla fighters that “The guerrilla cannot live without people, just like a fish can’t live without water.’ The sons and daughters ofKoreawho held arms in their hands kept his teachings in mind and defeated the one-million-strong Japanese imperialists relying on the infinite power, namely people, although they had no state supply system and the support of the regular army.

Throughout the long period of working as the president of a state for almost half a century since the new nation building after liberation till the last moment of his life, he never left his people even for a moment.

From the first period of his revolutionary struggle he has realized the truth that popular masses are the wise teacher and one could achieve everything if he resorts to the inexhaustible might of the people. He put forward all lines and policies of the country based on the aspirations and the demand of the people.

That is why every single policy and benefit that were set forth and pursued by the president was popular and humane.

Koreawas liberated in August, 1945.

That was when Korean people has just started to struggle to get rid of the aftermath of the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and to build a new country, but he made a grave action to blow off the primitive furnace left by the Japanese imperialists that used to take away lives of the workers for it was very dangerous. To blow off a furnace already in operation was not a decision that any one could make as a kilo or a ton of steel meant so much to the country.

He placed people above valuable steel and never accepted anything that was valuable if it were for the sake of the lives of the people.

The popular socialist polices such as universal 11-year free compulsory education system and free medical system that is being pursued consistently in DPR Korea are associated with the tireless efforts of President Kim Il Sung. It is said that the President ensured that the officials spared nothing it were the investment for the well-being of the people even if it was not economically well-calculated. And on his way to the on-the-spot guidance, he always inquired after the life and the health of the people.

Whenever he visited the factories and the countryside, he sat together with the workers and the farmers and asked after their living conditions and health. When he visited the dwelling houses and dormitories of the ordinary workers he opened the ovens in the kitchen, looked in the rice and bean paste jars and felt the thickness of the quilt as if they were his own children.

At times he sat knee to knee with the workers and farmers and discussed the state affairs with them and took in the orphaned children and solved the problems of their future. He called in children who tried on the new uniforms he sent as gifts and took souvenir pictures with them. He stayed up nights when he became aware of the agonies of the people.

President Kim Il Sung never knew the word “rest” all his life for the people. He had no Sundays, holidays and birthdays. During the anti-Japanese war period he had not rested for the liberation of the fatherland and after liberation he had not rested for the happiness and safety of the people. After people found happiness and safety in their lives he worked hard for the reunification of the country and passed away in his office when the morning of the reunification was dawning.

Indeed the life of President Kim Il Sung was the crystallization of the great life of the people. President Kim Il Sung left his traces in every corner of the country.

The total distance of his on-the-spot guidance to the factories, enterprises, coop farms, villages, schools and hospitals, restaurants and shops across the country to visit people after liberation stand at 578,000km.

The greatest pleasure of President Kim Il Sung was to stay with the people and his greatest wrath was to turn the back to the people. Because he believed in people as in heaven he won the whole world and adorned his life as an ever-victorious one.

100th birthday Anniversary of Great Leader KIM IL SUNG

100th birthday Anniversary of Great Leader KIM IL SUNG.

  (by Organization Secretary,  KFA Germany)


The year 2012 will be a remarkable year in the history of the DPRK and its leadership. The Korean nation and the whole world celebrate the 70th birthday of the leader KIM JONG IL on 16. Feb 2012 and at the day of the sun on 15. April the 100th birthday of the great eternal president KIM IL SUNG.

The Korean nation will celebrate this day with pride and glory. President KIM IL SUNG  the great leader of the Korean people, is the immortal president of the Korean people, which will be in their hearts forever. The great man who builts up the DPRK from it first hour and who passed many hard decades, guerilla and heavy war struggels, one stood in response and love for the country and its people.

The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG was born at the 15. April 2012 in Mangyondae into a poor farmer family but achieved great fame as the hero of the anti Japanese struggle and the founder of modern Korea and Juche Korea today. He liberated Korea ang guided the country in a new eara of  a national resurrection. KIMILSUNG was the ever the first victorious, strong and brilliant commander who defeated US imperialism for the first time in his mothercountry and abroad.

Already in his youth the division of Korea hurt the leader KIM JONG IL and the poor situation of the Korean people under the inhuman colonial rules of the Japanese invaders. Already as a small boy he supported the untiring fight of his parents for the national reunion and clarified the path of the Korean revolution.
The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG’s idea and aim was to creat an advance a socialist system since 1926 when he founded the first Marxist-Leninist youth organisation of korea. Later in april 1932 the revolutionary, national korean army. He introduces on the 5th of May, 1936 his 10-points programme of the Korean revolution which is one guideline for his immortal work.

After the victory and revolution over the japanese imperialism KIM IL SUNG worked hard on the construction of the new republic. As founder of the koren workersparty (PdAK) in Aug 1946 and the DPRK at the date of 09.09.1948 he built up the country into a bright socialist powerful country with its own independent industry, science, health and education system. This system is based on centring the popular masses and their trust and will. From the day of its relisation the Korean people could benefit and enjoy the first time the new, real socialism employment, free housing, free education, free health care, social benefits and even the abolition of taxation.

The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG authored the immortal Juche idea on the battlefields of the anti Japanese war .The Juche idea contains the great truth that the popular masses are the masters of the revolution and designers of their own life. It is the idea of the revolutionary era and of real independence. The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG also developed and pointed out the philosophy of Songun teaching the revolution is advanced by force of arms. Later his son the great leader KIMJONG IL further continued his work and idea.

In the whole live of president KIM IL SUNG he followed his idea and wish to reunivy the korean peninsula.

During his whole term of office he worked with whole heart and deep faith on this aim of the korean people.

During conversations with the South Korean Delegates to the High-Level Political Talks between

North and South Korea on May 3 and November 3, 1972 president KIM IL SUNG pointed out the  “Three Principles of national reunivication” . He said (extract):


“The most important factor which characterizes a nation is the community of language and culture. Even people of the same descent cannot be regarded as belonging to the same nation if they use

different spoken and written languages and their cultures and customs differ. Now, because our country has been divided for a long time, the language, as well as the culture and way of life, is already changing in the north and the south. The longer the division of the nation, the greater the difference in the language and way of life will be.“


It shows the deepwish of the korean nation for its future and national union.

In later years president KIM IL SUNG pointed out the the famous plan for founding a Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo in October 1980 and the 10-Point Program of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation for the Reunification of the Country  in April 1993. These important works are the guideline for all reunivication works until today.

During his whole life president KIM IL SUNG worked with whole sacrifice on these plans and the deep wish these become in future a reality and will lead to the unity of the Korean people. He worked hard for the Party and the revolution, for the country and the people, for global independence till the last moment of his life and died of sudden illness in his office at two o’clock on the morning of July 8, 1994.

PresidentKIMIL SUNG was awarded the titles of Generalissimo of the DPRK, DPRK Hero (three times), and Labour Hero.

He met over 70,000 foreign guests including heads of state and government and party leaders, and paid official or unofficial visits to 87 countries on 54 occasions.

He received over 180 top decorations from more than 70 countries and international organizations, titles of honorary citizenship of over 30 cities, titles of honorary professor and honorary doctor from 20 renowned foreign universities, and 165,920 pieces of gifts from heads of state and government and party leaders of 169 countries.

In everlasting recollection and the steady conversion of the life works and achievements of the immortal president KIMIL SUNG and the great leader KIM JONG IL,and under the revolutionary Songun guidance of General KIM JONG UN,the DPRK will grow up to a strong and blossoming socialist nation until 2012 in which the 100th birthday of the president KIM IL SUNG will be celebrated with glory. The Songun guidance will also pave the way to the national Korean reunification.

The immortal president KIM IL SUNG is the sun of the Korean nation and national revolution wich will be in deep recollection and everlasting fame in the hearts of the Korean people!